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How to Get Your Car in Shape for Summer

The hot days of summer can be very taxing on your ride. Just like the extreme cold will put your battery to the test, so will baking under the hood in a hot truck or wherever the manufacturer decided to place that all-important item. A poor battery will make your alternator work harder, cause your computers to possibly send out poor information, or worst of all, potentially unable to start your vehicle and leave you stranded.

A battery test is quick, effective, and best of all FREE!!!

Coolant systems need to perform at their absolute best in the summertime. Systems that have aged fluid, leaks, or blockages will lead to costly, annoying, and avoidable failures. Most cars today do not have gauges and instead rely on a light to indicate that there is an issue. The problem with that is more often than not, by the time the light comes on it’s already too late and the damage is done. Most car manufacturers use long-life coolant that will look clean even when they have deteriorated and are no longer as effective as they should be.

Get your coolant tested today.

Almost everyone can agree that having an effective working A/C system is one of the most important features of a vehicle in the summer. The sun is at is strongest this time of year and with all the glass in your car it becomes a little green house. When we get into the car on a hot summer day to travel and enjoy the good weather or head to work and deal with traffic, the A/C needs to work. No one likes to be sitting in traffic on the highway with the heat bearing down, or going to that summer wedding and showing up like a well dressed puddle. Plus there is “that smell” that seams to come to life on a hot muggy day. If your A/C stops working it’s most likely because of a leak in the system that lets the freon gas out. Using a machine to connect to your system allows a technician to pull any moisture, old gas, and contaminants out of your system. Then the tech can install a leak detecting dye and recharge the system to the tenth of an ounce as specified by the manufacturer. That way there is no guessing; full is full.

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If your A/C is not working because of a computer or electronic failure, then having an educated technician with the proper tools is a must. A/C service does not require an appointment so why suffer any longer.